November Birthday Boy

Friday 8 December 2017

Before I can move on to blog about our Christmas preparations I can’t leave out David’s birthday, which was in November. David’s birthday is the last in a run of a birthdays in our house, every three weeks from September, and this year he turned 12.

He has been saving up all his pocket money to put towards a laptop for himself, and so only asked for money from everybody for his birthday. He was delighted to have saved up enough to buy a lovely blue laptop of his own. As he is dyslexic, his learning support teacher at school had advised us some time ago that it would be useful for him to have a laptop to do his school work on, as then he could use spell check to help him out, as well as the fact that he finds it easier to type than to write by hand. Although his hand writing has improved greatly recently.

David is still our super sporty boy, and asked if he could book a five a side football pitch for his birthday, so that he could then invite some of his friends and a couple of Calum’s friends for a match or two. We booked the party package at Power League as it meant that he got two hours of football, as well as pizza and drinks, and a bonus of a free pair of football boots for the birthday boy. I had been a little apprehensive about the November weather, but it turned out to be a beautiful bright and sunny, if a little chilly, morning. The footballers didn’t feel the cold though, just those of us spectating! Even little Fraser got to join in with some of the matches and David was delighted with his day.

For his birthday cake he requested, of course, a football cake.

Finally, on the evening of his birthday, we were gong through his baby scrapbook looking at picture from the day David was born. He was born in the early hours of a very frosty Remembrance Sunday, and this was taken about 12 hours later...

And here he is with just his excited big brothers, who were then aged 5 and 3...

We thought that photo was so funny, the way that neither James or Calum are holding him properly, and so we decided to recreate it as best as we could exactly 12 years later...

That’s the last of our birthdays for a little while now. Well, until January anyway!