There's not one....

Monday 5 October 2015

....but TWO teenagers in the house now!


At the end of last week Calum turned 13.
His main present had some Where's Wally wrapping paper on it and before he opened it he wanted to find Wally.
Which he did.


As usual, there were a few eager onlookers when it was unwrapping time.


Despite thinking about it for days, Calum couldn't think of what he wanted his cake to look like. James (15) had some grand plans of how he could decorate it, but then it turned out that by the time the cake was baked - after a very hectic afternoon that included doing the weekly food shop - it was time for James to get himself packed and ready for Army Cadet weekend camp.
So in the end this was what I came up with. A very hastily iced and decorated cake while I made the dinner.


We had lots of sparklers on the cake, which caused great amusement as Fraser (1) tried over and over to blow them out but with no success. He had a lot of fun trying though.
Then he had more fun trying to get to the icing.


As he does every year, Calum had his best friend round for his birthday dinner, which this year he had requested would be Chicken Jalfrezzi. By the time we had the cake James had gone off to camp. We did keep him some cake for his return though.


Despite a busy weekend Calum still managed to build his Lego Bike Shop and Cafe, which has so many great little touches.


I particularly love the way the houses look...


...the bbq on the roof...


...the kitchen...


...the window boxes and outdoor lights... well as lots more features.
Now that it's all built he has to find somewhere to keep it that little fingers can't get hold of it, as it is proving very tempting to them to have a wee go with it too!
As a final birthday celebration Calum went to the cinema with his Auntie Anna to watch Everest on Saturday evening. He has been joining her on her hillwalks for a while now and recently they completed his first Monroe climb. Which reminds me that he took some very good photos on that climb that I have been meaning to share.
He arrived home quite late on Saturday night and said that the movie was great. But very sad.
I had a feeling a movie about Everest might not be the happiest of stories but despite that he really enjoyed it.
However he has no plans to climb Everest in the future and is going to stick with hills and the easier Munroes for now. I wonder how many he will conquer in his 13th year?