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Tuesday 12 January 2016

Hello again friends. Well it's been a while hasn't it?

I didn't intend to take quite such a break from blogging, but December is always such a busy month and that's just how things worked out.

Now I'm all refreshed and ready to get back in the routine again.

Thank you to everyone who got in touch with Christmas well wishes.

I do hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Our December was filled with all the usual traditions. Don't worry, I won't try and fill you all in with an entire month's worth of our happenings but here are a few of the highlights.

One of our advent traditions is an activity calendar. It is an old felt advent calendar with pouches for each day and I put a slip of paper in each day with an activity on it. Nothing too time consuming, or involving too much preparation, after all December is busy enough without making extra work for yourself!

Some of the boys' favourite activities were...

- paper chain making

- writing to Santa

- painting owl decorations for the tree


- making pom-pom robins for the tree

Speaking of the tree, decorating that was quite an adventure for some!

Every December the high school that the older two boys attend hires Edinburgh's Usher Hall for their Christmas concert and it's always a wonderful evening of music.

This was the 4th year that James (15) has taken part, playing trombone in the school wind band. This year Calum (13) took part for the first time, having joined the wind band as a trumpet player. 

They don't scrub up too badly do they?

As well as all the usual Christmas events, we had a family celebration to fit in the week before Christmas. My mum celebrated her 60th birthday and my sister in law and I worked together to put on a special family dinner for her. 

One of my contributions was to make the cake.

Here is my mum with all of her grandchildren.

As for the actual day of Christmas, we spent it much the same way as we always do, with my husband's parents and sister joining us.

Dinner was, of course, a big turkey with all the traditional trimmings.

There had to be a selfie taken at some point during the day.

And my Christmas Pudding flamed very nicely indeed!

We even managed to get an updated photo of all of us together, thanks to my husband's sister.

The days following Christmas and leading up to Hogmanay were suitably lazy and largely spent indoors as the weather was so awful.

We did venture out to the cinema one day though. The older boys went to see Star Wars with a cousin while I took the younger boys to see the Peanuts movie, which was a lovely little movie.

Then it was on to Hogmanay, which we spent through at my in-laws'.

All of the boys, except for Fraser (2), stayed awake to see the New Year in at the Bells.

It's OK, that's Shloer in his glass!

Now school has started back, and things have started to get back into something like a routine again. James has his Prelim exams on this week, as well as a special birthday coming up next week! David (10) is just longing for this horrible, cold, wet and windy weather to pass so that he can get back outdoors playing sport again. Although he wouldn't mind the cold so much of we got some more snow!

Well, it's been lovely 'chatting' to you all again and to reacquaint myself with my little corner of the blog world again.

I'll even finish off with a Gaelic phrase of the week to get things kick started again. I'm sure it's one I've shared before but there's no harm in sharing it again.

Bliadhna Mhath √ôr (Blee-an-ye Va Oor) - Happy New Year!

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