Sunny Days

Thursday 9 June 2016

We've had such an amazing run of weather here the last couple of weeks.

Two weeks of the sun shining every day, with the temperature even reaching the heights of 26C sometimes, which I admit is just a little too hot for me!

Just before the good run of weather started, the boys were given a new paddling pool, which I thought we might have out on a couple of days in the summer. I didn't imagine that we would have it out so soon or that they would want in it every day for two full weeks on the trot!

Some days we've built a shady den to keep cool.

And we've eaten lots of ice lollies and ice poles.

On Saturday morning dad was volunteering at a charity cycle - he was manning one of the refreshment stops - and so we arranged to meet him across in Aberdour when he was finished. The boys and I took the train there, which means crossing the Forth Rail Bridge - always exciting for the train fans in the family!

We had arranged to meet some friends there too, and enjoyed a picnic in the sunshine, as well as plenty of shinty playing for the boys.

Fraser enjoyed running around with his little friend, and showing her his new trick of rolly-pollies. Or 'bowly-bowly' as he calls them.

Those who were interested spent some time watching the official shinty match, Aberdour v Taynuilt.

Then once the match was finished they took advantage of the empty pitch.

Sunday saw more sporting fun. Well, kind of.

We had lunch at Auntie Anna's house, which always involves a walk with her dog to the school playing fields near her house. And the walk always involves an extended stop at the long jump sand pit there!

We even took our church toddler group outside this week, as we didn't want to spend such a beautiful day inside.

The novelty of jumping into a cold paddling pool after school still hasn't worn off for the boys, and so once again yesterday Fraser and I filled it up with some nice fresh water ready for them coming home.

And this time, while we waited for the bigger boys, I couldn't resist joining Fraser in it!

I know the sunshine has to stop soon, and there is rain forecast to come in tomorrow evening, but it's been amazing being able to enjoy such a lovely spell of weather at last. For once we are actually needing a bit of rain in the garden. 

Just as long as it remembers to stop again!
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