Egg Hunting

Saturday 15 April 2017

Last week we spent the first week of our Easter Holidays in Lewis at Granny and Shen's house.

While we were there we had an Easter Egg hunt in their garden. I'm so glad that we did it then, and didn't wait until this weekend, as a couple of days ago Fraser (3) came down with Chicken Pox! He has remained remarkably cheerful despite it, but was definitely not in the mood to be running around the garden today.

He likes getting the cream rubbed on his back and tummy though!

Anyway, back to last week and the Egg Hunt.

While David (11) went outside and hid all the eggs, Ally (7) and Fraser got themselves ready to go egg hunting by getting their new RNLI wellies on. 

The eggs were hidden in twos and Ally and Fraser were told that they could only take one from each place. That way they would both get the same amount of eggs at the end.

They were both so excited as they ran all around the garden hunting down the plastic eggs.

Once they had found all the eggs we went back inside and they opened them all up. Some of them had some little fluffy chicks inside, while others had some sweeties in them. David had just as much fun as the youngest two, first of all hiding the eggs carefully, then pointing the boys in the right direction of any eggs they may have missed, and finally helping Fraser open up his eggs.

I took a few wee clips of them on their hunt, and you need to keep watching until you see Fraser's excitement when he finds out what is in one of his eggs!

To finish off our Easter fun, we made up some Easter Bonnets using some kits I had bought in the Pound shop - the plastic eggs and fluffy chicks were also from there. I love the Pound shop for crafty fun. (And cleaning supplies, and gardening supplies, and toiletries...)

Armed with some of Shen's glue sticks and a roll of sellotape the two youngest boys made some lovely colourful Easter Bonnets.

Didn't they look great?

Back to today, and to the sick boy. Well look, he can still smile despite the soreness and itchiness,,,

He is doing his best to keep his sunny personality to the fore. Although at times he just wants to sit and cuddle, and he hasn't been sleeping very well either.

The older three boys all had chickenpox when they were smaller but Ally hasn't had it yet. We'll be on spot watch with him for the next few weeks!