Back to School - followed by a touch of drama

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Seven weeks of summer holidays have flown by and yesterday it was back to school again.

I had great plans of posting these back to school pictures last night, but then things didn't quite go to plan.

First the photos.

{I thought I would ask the boys their favourite subjects and job ambitions so that I can keep track of them over the years and see if and how they change.}

Alasdair (6) has been looking forward to school going back for the last week or so as he was keen to see his friends there again. He was also looking forward to not being in the youngest class in the school any more. His favourite thing to do at school is maths. When he grows up he would like to be a teacher.

Doesn't he look handsome in his little tank top and tie?

Sport loving David (9) said he was looking forward to playing football with his friends at playtime. His favourite things at school are PE, maths and spelling tests. That last one is a new one to me! When he is older he would like to be a mechanic because he likes cars.

Calum (12) started his second year at high school. His favourite subjects are PE, Science and Geography. When he is older he would like to be a Vet, a Police Dog Handler or a Forest Ranger. Whatever job he does, he would also like to have a croft with some sheep.

James (15) started his fourth year at high school. At the end of this school year he will sit his first lot of major exams! His favourite subjects are Design & Manufacturing and Music. When he is older he would like to be an architect, product designer, electrical engineer or something else that involves designing things.

Incidentally, can you tell that he is the joker in the family?

Of course little Fraser (1) was hanging around while we took the photos and he wanted in on them too.

'Monkey see, monkey do.' A phrase we use a lot!

Now onto the drama.

After these photos were taken everyone stayed outside to enjoy the sunshine. Got to make the most of it when it's been as rare as it has this summer!

I heard Fraser start screaming and looked up to see him running towards me with blood pouring from the middle of his forehead. He had tripped over beside David's bike, which was lying on the ground, and hit his head on the metal where the front wheel attaches to the bike. 

The blood was pouring down his face, into his eyes and mouth. I tried to stop the bleeding and knew he would need patched up at the hospital. But dad wasn't home from work yet and I knew I couldn't drive to the hospital and hold something on to stop the bleeding at the same time. Also, nobody had actually seen Fraser fall so we didn't know how hard he had hit his head. I thought there may be a risk of concussion so in the moment of it all happening decided to call an ambulance.

I know that if it had happened to one of the older boys I wouldn't have called the ambulance, but with his age I just thought it better safe than sorry.

The paramedic confirmed that he would need his wound seen to at the hospital and so took us there in the ambulance.

Fraser perked up once we got there and wanted to run around the waiting room, with blood still dripping from his head, while we waited to be seen!

Thankfully A&E wasn't too busy and we didn't need to wait more than an hour to be see the doctor. She cleaned his wound and put him back together again with magic glue. He didn't cry once while all of this was done.

Back home last night, complete with a handout about head injuries in children, Fraser enjoyed the extra cuddles from his brothers, who had been quite worried about him.

Today he has been back to his old mischievous self, only once or twice complaining about his head and trying to touch it. It really is amazing stuff that glue. Yesterday there was a gaping hole in his forehead and now there is a neat red line under the glue.

It's been just over two years since our last trip to A&E with one of the boys - when then 4 year old Alasdair broke his wrist falling off the sofa - and I'll be quite happy if that's us done with visits there for quite some time!

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