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Thursday 6 August 2015

8 o'clock last night (Wednesday) and the boys and I were all gathered round the TV.

It was the first episode in the new series of the only TV show that I actually watch, The Great British Bake-Off.

The middle three boys all love it as much as I do, and I'm not allowed to watch it without them - especially Calum (12). James (15) and my husband say that they aren't particularly interested in it, although James loves the showstopper round and asks us to call him through when it's time for that. 

Did you watch it?

I thought this series got off to a lovely start. Everyone seemed quite likeable and it was good to see not one but two Scots to root for.

Apparently there has been some sort of uproar on Twitter as the Kitchen Aid mixers have all been replaced by Kenwoods. As a Kenwood owner I don't see the big problem!

Quite a few of my US friends are fans of the show too, although I don't think the series is shown over there until the beginning of next year. I have been reliably informed that the older ones are on YouTube though.

One friend invited me to take part in a Bake Along they were having along to the last series of the show when it was aired in the US, and this got me thinking that it would be fun to host a Bake-Along to this series. Don't you think?

You don't need to have seen the episode to take part, as I don't think anyone outside the UK can watch the episodes on BBCiplayer.

Every Thursday I will post about what types of Bakes were in the show, along with any links to recipes, and then those who want to take part can send me a photo of what they have chosen to bake. The following Thursday I will share them on here in the next Bake Off post.

Photos can be either emailed to me using the link at the top right sidebar, shared on my Facebook page, or shared on Instagram using the hashtag #housefulofboysgreatbritishbakealong

It's purely for fun and I hope that lots of you will be inspired to join in!

This week's show was about Cakes.

In the first round the bakers had to bake a Madeira Cake, which is traditionally citrus flavoured and with candied fruit peel on the top. I have made this type of cake in the past but I haven't added the candied fruit. I also can't remember where I found the recipe but I'm going to have a look through my old books as I know it was in one of the older cook books! I might try making an allergy free version of this one as it shouldn't be too hard to adapt.

The technical challenge was Mary Berry's Frosted Walnut Cake. The recipe for this can be found here if anyone wants to try this one out for the Bake-Along. I don't plan to make this one as we have a strict no nuts rule in the house thanks to allergies!

The showstopper challenge was a Black Forest Gateau. Mmmm, I love a Black Forest Gateau but I haven't had one in such a long time! I'm almost certain that this is one that I'm going to try out for the Bake-Along and I found a recipe here on the BBC Good Food website.

Which of these do you think you would like to try out? Is anyone brave enough to try the technical challenge? I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with and sharing them all here next week!

As Mel and Sue say, 'on your marks, get set.....BAKE!'

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