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Monday 22 February 2016

Last week was the half term holidays here.

We didn't have anything much planned, which was just as well as I spent the first few days sofa-bound after a run-in with one of these...

I stood/slipped on one of Fraser's Mega Bloks and went over on my ankle the Saturday at the start of the holidays. It was only when I sat down at the end of the day that it began to swell up and by bedtime I couldn't walk on my left foot at all. After a sleepless night I had it X-rayed on the Sunday. There was nothing broken but I was advised to stay off it completely for around 72 hours.

Since, as I said, we had nothing planned, and the boys didn't have to be anywhere it was actually a pretty good time to be immobile! My brother had brought me round the crutches that he has kept in his garage since he tore his cruciate ligament a few years ago, which meant that I didn't need to hop everywhere around the house, but I couldn't carry anything and so the boys were very diligent about bringing me hot drinks. David (10) was especially good at making sure that I had everything I needed, and would bring me a selection of treats before going out to play football in the garden!

Although, a little while after bringing me the box of treats above, he came over, looked in and asked, 'So are you going to eat that Creme Egg or not?' He was rather pleased when I said that he could have it instead.

Being forced to sit on the sofa all day long for a couple of days meant that I could indulge in some guilt free crochet time.

I restarted the rainy day cardigan that I shared a couple of weeks ago. Remember I said that there were some mistakes in the pattern but that I had kind of worked my way around them? Well although it looked OK, I knew that the fact that the increases weren't consistent and that one side sloped more than the other would bother me, and so I decided to restart it with the amended pattern.

This time I'm much happier with it, although I'm still not convinced that the pattern is entirely correct. I managed to get the body and one button band done before running out of yarn.


That then left me with the decision to make about what small thing I could crochet in the day or two it took for the yarn to finish the cardigan to arrive.

First of all I thought about starting this month's Little Box of Crochet, which I have been holding off until this cardigan is finished, but then I decided that as he had been looking after me so well, I would make the Amigurumi Burger that David has been asking me to make for him since the summer!

It is from issue 55 of Mollie Makes magazine and really is the cutest thing.

It is crocheted in Stylecraft Cotton and includes the burger, bun, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onions.


David is delighted that I finally got round to making it for him!

But that left Ally (6) wanting a little bit of crochet junk food too. He asked if I would be able to make him a doughnut.

That was a really quick make. It took around an hour to make the doughnut, using an adapted version of a pattern I found on Pinterest.


He too was delighted with his junk food. He named his doughnut Donnie the Doughnut and spent the rest of the week taking him everywhere with him!

As for my foot, well I began to put some weight on it again by Tuesday evening and by Wednesday I was back in the kitchen baking. I still had a bit of a limp until the end of the week, and it still begins to ache if I walk too much, so I guess I can still use it as an excuse to put my feet up a little more often than usual!

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  1. Did your husband look after you well? Maybe I missed that in the article? 😁

    1. I should maybe have mentioned the lovely chicken casserole he made for our Sunday lunch ☺


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