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Monday 8 February 2016

January was a satisfying month for finishing off crochet projects.

Firstly, as requested, here is my most recent make, the completed ear warmer from my Little Box of Crochet post. I'm rather pleased with both how cute it looks and how cosy it is.

Just before making the ear warmer I finished off something I had started before Christmas. It was a gift for my mum and I forgot to take a photo of the whole scarf before giving it to her! I took this close up to show the stitches and the yarn, but I thought I'd wait for better lighting to take a proper photo. The weather has been so dull that the day with proper lighting didn't arrive before I gave it to my mum!

Anyway, what you can see is that it is made of some very fuzzy and fine mohair yarn, this one here, and took me right out of my Double Knitting yarn comfort zone! 

My first completed make of the year was this cute little cardigan I made for my niece's first birthday.

The pattern is from Simply Crochet magazine, issue 32, and uses Drops Nepal yarn, a wool and aplaca mix. I didn't realise when I ordered the yarn that it was a hand wash only yarn, so have apologised to my sister in law for giving a hand wash garment to a one year old!

Still, it looks cute and looks even cuter on my niece.

Finally, onto what is currently on my hook.

I saw this pattern on the cover of the latest issue of Inside Crochet and thought it would be cute for 2 year old Fraser.

I had the perfect rainbow colours in my Stylecraft Special DK stash and set about making it last week. Only I didn't get very far into it when I realised there must be some mistakes in the pattern! I have a few Instagram friends making the same cardigan who had also discovered the mistakes and so I didn't feel so bad when I realised it wasn't just my understanding of the pattern!

By then though, I had made some adjustments of my own and it seems to be the right size and shape when I try it against Fraser. I'm just not sure if I should continue with it with my own adjustments or if I should get the amended pattern from Inside Crochet.

It does look lovely and cheerful, doesn't it?

I managed to snap that photo in the brief 10 minutes of sunshine we had at lunchtime today, the first glimpse of blue skies and sunshine we have had this year I think! Just as I began to think how lovely everything looked in the sunshine and how happier everything felt (and how dirty my windows were looking!) it disappeared again.

I think I'll just muddle on with this rainy day cardigan and let the rainbow on it brighten up the days instead!

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