Makings - Rainy Day Cardigan

Wednesday 9 March 2016

I fell in love with this cardigan after seeing it in last month's issue of Inside Crochet, and bought the magazine just so that I could get the pattern.

I had the perfect colours to make the rainbow in my Stylecraft Special DK yarn stash and set about making it straight away.

I didn't get far into making it when I realised there was a mistake in the pattern, my Instagram friends who were also making the cardigan confirmed this. So the week that I injured my foot, I emailed the magazine and received the corrected version of the pattern and started again.

Because I was using DK and not the Aran weight yarn used in the pattern, I had to add quite a few extra rows to the length of the cardigan and, thanks to the advice of an Instagram friend who had completed the cardigan in DK before me, I didn't make any of the decreases in the sleeves. I just kept on trying it on Fraser and measuring it against him until the lengths of everything looked right!

I also didn't add the cloud as it was in the pattern as it wouldn't have ended up sitting in the same place. Instead I decided to add a sun and cloud applique.

The sun motif is from Repeat Crafter Me and you can find the pattern for it here.

The cloud motif is one I came across on Pinterest. The link didn't go anywhere, it was just a photo of the pattern, so I don't know who or where to credit it to, although it does remind me of the style of a page from Simply Crochet Magazine. You can find the pattern here.

And here is the final 'ta-da' of the cardigan...

The crochet is all finished on it but I still haven't added any buttons. In my head I think it would look perfect with some little cloud or sun buttons, but I haven't been able to source any yet. If I can't find any then I think I'll use different coloured buttons, one from each colour of the rainbow.

The hardest thing now is getting a photo of the cardigan on it's intended wearer - a 2 year old who is rarely still, even when sitting down!

Perhaps I'll try and get a better photo of it on him once the buttons are all added on!

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