Mother's Day

Monday 7 March 2016

Ah, Mother's Day. 

The day when, by the looks of what is shared on social media, we can be led to think that everyone else has had a perfect Mother's Day. With their children bringing them breakfast in bed, showering them with gifts and then helping them to have a peaceful and relaxing day. 

For most of us that's not usually the whole picture though, and there is a lot left out of those social media posts - squabbling siblings anyone?

However, like I've said many times before, it's important to focus on the best bits of family life, and so this is how Mother's Day was in our house.

I'm not a fan of breakfast in bed - too many crumbs - so we had breakfast together in the kitchen. I have started writing down all the recipes that the boys can make in a special notebook and so Calum (13) used our pancake recipe to make a batch of these rather impressively sized gluten & dairy free pancakes. One was more than enough to fill you up!

For our Sunday lunch Calum was back in the kitchen baking an apple crumble, as well as assisting dad with cooking a roast chicken dinner. They were quite the kitchen dream team, and my Cath Kidston apron never looked so good!

It was David (10) who had the job of setting the table nicely. 

After a very tasty lunch, and with the potential for a quiet, lazy afternoon ahead of me, I looked out some yarn from my stash to make up a batch of simple, no need to think about them, granny squares.

It wasn't exactly a quiet afternoon, but then I didn't ever think that it would be!

The boys all chose some lovely house plants as gifts for me this year, and our fireplace is looking very colourful and spring like today.

The biggest of the plants came from the smallest boy. Apparently Fraser (2) picked up this plant when asked what he wanted to get for me and didn't want to look at anything else! The ceramic jar that it is sitting in is one that came from my granny's kitchen and that I usually keep by the kitchen sink for storing our washing up things in.

Mother's Day shouldn't be about how much we receive, or how much we have done for us though. To me Mother's Day is a day that reminds me how blessed I am. There are so many women who long to be mothers or who have lost a child that it seems very selfish if we grumble about things not being quite 'perfect' for our own Mother's Days.
I am very thankful for my husband and boys doing their best to give me a day off - even if it did mean there were quite a few questions about where things lived in the kitchen, how much of something did they need to make something, what dish would I use to put something in......