Makings - Autumn Crochet

Thursday 10 November 2016

It's been a while since I shared any makes over here. So here are a couple of my autumnal ones.

After making my mum and dad's anniversary blanket I wanted some smaller projects to work on for a while!

So first of all I revamped the Autumn Wreath that I made last year. 

Since I wanted to hang my wreath up quickly last year, I didn't crochet the cover for it but wrapped the yarn around the wreath form instead. It was only every meant to be a temporary thing while I got around to crocheting a cover but I didn't ever get around to doing that last year!

This year I did though, and as well as crocheting the cover I also crocheted a pumpkin to join the cluster of leaves and acorns that I had made last year, which I think just finishes it off perfectly.

The pumpkin pattern is from Simply Crochet Magazine, issue 49, and I'm afraid I can't remember what pattern I used for the leaves last year, but I'm pretty sure I found it on Pinterest.

The yarn I used was, of course, Stylecraft Special DK in Parchment for the wreath; spice for the pumpkin; copper, gold and khaki for the leaves.

Next up on my hook was a birthday present for Fraser.

In the summer we were at the boys' favourite Toy Shop in Stornoway, where Fraser absolutely loved playing around on a hobby horse. Being an obsessive crafter I thought to myself, 'I have a pattern for one of them in a book back home, I could easily make one for him.'

So I did.

Isn't he cute?

The pattern is from the book Crochet at Play by Kat Goldin. There are lots of lovely things to make in it!

The hobby horse is still a little comedic, as we can't find the saw in the shed and so the head is still attached to a full size vintage broom! Still, it doesn't stop Fraser from jumping around with it and shouting, 'Yee-ha dowboy!' No that's not a typo, but how he says cowboy.

Finally onto my current make, and it's another continuation of something I started last Autumn.

Remember the Christmas Character Afghan? I didn't really think I would get all nine squares made in time for last Christmas, and I was actually OK about that, after all it would mean less to do this year!

I managed to make 6 squares last autumn - santa, rudolf, frosty, candy cane, Christmas pudding and a stocking. 

Last week I completed the Christmas wreath, and I'm now just past half way on the Christmas tree.

That means I have one more square to make, probably the gingerbread man, and they take at least a week to make. That is, a week of the little crochet time that I get, and then I have to crochet them all together. 

I'm aiming to have the squares all done and joined by the beginning of December.

Can I do it?! Fingers crossed!
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