A Special Birthday Present

Thursday, 31 May 2018

In my post about the Big Purple Party I mentioned how we had worked on a short programme of music for the entertainment.

We had actually planned to have one more particularly special musical piece performed but unfortunately it couldn't be played because the piano at the birthday venue wasn't in the best condition.

James (18) had written a special piano piece for his Auntie Anna's birthday, and titled it simply 'Anna'.

We had asked if there was a piano at the venue and were told that there was one there that had recently been tuned. Unfortunately, when we arrived on the day of the party we discovered that although the piano may have been tuned recently, there had been no mention made of the fact that the majority of the keys stuck down when you played them! I'm not sure how it could possibly have been tuned without the tuner realising this, but there was no way it could have been performed on and it was too late for us to make an alternative arrangement for someone to bring a digital piano along to the party. Instead we just told Anna that James had written a piece for her and that he would record it as soon as possible so that she could hear it.

In a way I'm actually kind of glad that he didn't get to play it on the day. For the simple reason that I think it's such a beautiful, emotional piece and I fear that there may have been few dry eyes at the party had he been able to play it there, especially given Anna's illness.

True to his word, he managed to get a decent recording of himself playing the piece the following week and uploaded it to his Soundcloud page for Anna to hear and to share with others.

Anna is a big fan of hill walking and so James chose one of her many hill walking photos to be the background picture for the track.

So, without any more chat, here is the special birthday present James gave his Auntie for her 50th birthday. I reckon he's still on track for a good career as a composer.