Summer Holidays - Point Show Day and the Preparations for it

Tuesday 18 September 2018

If you have been following us for any length of time now you will know that the boys always enjoy putting lots of effort into making entries for the Point Show, and this year was no different.

In fact, this year there was a new category that Ally and Fraser were particularly keen to enter - the decorate a wellie competition!

We bought a pair of wellies for less than a pound in a charity shop and then they took one wellie each and got to work painting them.

While the first layer of paint dried they got to work on their animal/scene from fruit and veg entries.

This was Ally's completed Pig.

Fraser's completed crocodile.

And David's completed pirate ship.

David also made a chocolate cake for the 12-16 year old baking competition.

Fraser added some black splodges to his wellie, painted a pink nose and added some eyes to turn it into a cow (complete with some herb grass from Shen's herb garden).

Ally painted some playful sheep all around his wellie.

I also baked a cake to enter this year. It was my first time trying to make a drip cake, and I had been so concerned about the chocolate being cool enough to not drip too much that it didn't drip enough. Still, although I wasn't happy with the drips I decided to enter it anyway.

When the show opened we headed to the wellie table first. There had been quite a few entries in this competition and so I had told the boys not to get their hopes up too much. But Fraser was delighted to get a 2nd for his cow in the younger age group.

And Ally won 1st in the next age group!

I entered a cross stitch that I made at the end of last year, which I don't remember if I shared on here or not, and was also delighted to win a 2nd for it.

The boys' winning ways continued in the scene from fruit and veg competitions.

Fraser won 1st in the under 12s group.

And Ally won 3rd.

David won 1st in the over 12s group.

And he won 3rd in the baking competition for his age group.

Calum always enters the under 16 photography competition and this year David entered a couple of his photos too. There were about 4 different categories - nature, people, animals etc (I don't remember the exact titles!)

Calum won 1st and David 2nd in one of the categories.

A 3rd for Calum in this one (which I think may have been abstract or open?)

A 1st for David in this one, which I'm pretty sure must have been people/portraits!

A 2nd for Calum.

And a 3rd.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that my Oreo Drip Cake had won 1st! The taste must have been good enough to cancel out the drips.

I also entered the crochet blanket that I made my mum and dad, still probably the favourite thing I have crocheted, which won 1st too.

And my hand embroidered and paper pieced patchwork that I worked on last summer won a 2nd.

Once we had been around to check on all our own entries, and probably been round to see them all a couple of times again, we walked around and enjoyed looking at all the other lovely entries in the show.

In a summer that will be remembered for it's heatwave, the weather on show day was once again pretty miserable. I don't think it was quite as bad as last year as the wind wasn't quite so strong, but it was certainly very wet and not exactly warm. Still, that didn't stop the boys' enjoyment of the day at all.

We were very impressed with the size of the candy flosses this year!

Fraser (4) was desperate to join in the sack race. The lady organising it said there wouldn't be one for his age group but said he could join the bigger kids in their one if he wanted and so he did. He was so excited to be taking part that he didn't mind being last.

Only 1st, 2nd and 3rd places got a rosette but he got a special medal for himself from the organiser and he was sooo chuffed with it!

We took some refuge from the rain in the teas, where I knew one of the local ladies had provided some allergy free baking that the boys could have. The only thing was that they were too full from their giant candy flosses to want anything! I enjoyed some lovely baking though.

Back outside it was time for the tug of war.

Which resulted in another couple of rosettes for Fraser and Ally.

When we went to collect all our entries at the end of the show I took a picture of Fraser and Ally with their wellies.

Then we trudged back through the bleugh weather to the car.

But that sort of weather is the perfect sort of indulgent cake eating weather, and so back home I thought I'd better sample some of that giant chocolate cake I made.

It was a pretty good year for the Murrays at the show.