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Saturday 20 June 2015

Here is a selection of some of the things I have been loving the last couple of weeks.

Firstly, brotherly love.

I sat Fraser down beside David one afternoon while I went to hang out some washing and came back to find this...

I also often find him like this, chill-axing with his biggest brother...

One thing I haven't been loving so much lately has been the weather. Which might seem odd given the next bunch of photos, but that's precisely why I love them!

Apart from a couple of really hot sunny days just over a week ago, the weather has been so dull and grey. And not very warm either. I suppose at least it has been dry but it really doesn't feel properly summer-like at all yet. And everyone I speak to is getting tired of all this greyness!

Fortunately though, the Primary school sports day fell on one of those rare sunny days.

It couldn't have been a more perfect day for it.

It was lovely to get Fraser in his summery clothes.

The sports day was held in the big grassy park beside the school.

Parents weren't forgotten about, as there was a little stand with home-baking and plenty water and juice.

Sports day included those classics like the Wellie throw...

tattie and spoon race...

and the sack race - called the 'jumping in a bag race' by Alasdair (6)!

Fraser enjoyed watching his brothers and wanted in on some of the action too!

Mr Competitive was delighted to win gold in the flat race for his age group.

And at the end of the morning there was a visit from an ice cream van. When I first heard there was going to be ice cream I felt bad for Alasdair as he couldn't have it, but there were also slushies available and so he was perfectly happy with that.

In a bid to try and help things feel more summery with a taste of summer, I tried making some rhubarb cordial for the first time. I got the idea from my husband's cousin's wife who mentioned they had made some recently.

It was quite simple to make, although it does involve overnight straining through one of these..

The jury is still out in our house about whether we like it or not - I quite like it, although it is quite sweet -  but if you want to try it you can find the recipe I used here (although I didn't add the star anise)

Finally, despite the grey weather and lack of sunshine we were able to enjoy a fun Sunday School picnic to a nearby country park this weekend.

The children played at the playpark, we did some orienteering, ate until we were more than full and then had some team games.

I caught Fraser entertaining his little cousin Joanna.

And Alasdair got another chance to excel at the 'jumping in a bag race.'

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  1. Such precious pictures. The first three are just so dear. Those are all happy days, and happy memories.

  2. I meant to mention that the Rhubarb cordial sounds good, and the sports day looks like such fun.


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