Makings - Crochet Minion Chocolate Orange Cosy Pattern

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

School finished for the summer here last week, which resulted in some very excited boys by the end of the week!

When I was searching for some inspiration for what I could make as an end of year present for the teachers, I was thinking along the lines of something like a crocheted apple, you know, for the old fashioned apple for your teacher.

 I came across a few patterns for apple cosies on Pinterest which, although cute, did make me wonder why exactly anyone would need an apple cosy?!

But then I remembered seeing a similar thing at Christmas time with Chocolate Oranges in them, and thought that this was a much more worthy use of a fruit cosy!

My final piece of inspiration came from that favourite of the boys - Minions!

I used this pattern here for the shape of the cosies, and just changed the colours to turn them from plain apple cosies into Minions! 

If you want to make one too then I used blue for rounds 1-6, yellow for rounds 7- 12, black for rounds 13-14, yellow again for rounds 15 -19 (the pattern only asks for 17 rounds but I felt it need the extra two to cover the orange nicely).

For the eyes I chained 2 using black, then into the first chain sc 4. Change to white and sc 2 into each stitch. Change to grey and {sc 2 into 1} sc1 all the way round. Finally sc 1 into each stitch, stitching only into the inside loops.

Make either 1 or 2 eyes depending on which type of Minion you want to make, then stitch on a cheeky wee mouth.

I had to take the photos of these cheeky chaps quite quickly because another little rascal was desperate to get his hands on them...

Which got me thinking that I should maybe make some more of these, but make them into complete ball shapes and then stuff them so that he is allowed to play with them!

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