Hello July

Wednesday 1 July 2015

The Glam Green Girl: Hello July

On Monday we packed up the car and headed off on our summer holidays to my parents.

Not only did we manage to fit everything we needed into the car, no mean feat, but we also managed to fit all five boys and me into an in-car-about-to-leave-on-holiday selfie.

After a five hour drive we waved goodbye to the mainland and headed to Granny and Shen's house on the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides.

June finished with a typically bright Hebridean evening, with daylight lasting long past 11pm. 

Given how disappointing June was with her weather, it was a rather pleasant surprise to be able to say 'hello' and 'fàilte' to July with some sunshine.

The boys spent the morning playing a mismash of rounders and baseball, as well as some football and shinty.

When they got too hot they decided to cool down with Shen's hose.

Fraser (1) loved being in charge of the hose, and his brothers didn't mind him splashing them at all. He was shrieking with laughter as he soaked them!

After lunch we headed to the beach beside my granny's house, which is less than a couple of miles from where my mum and dad live.

You can probably see in the photos that there was a storm in the distance. We could hear the thunder rolling and hoped that the storm wasn't travelling in our direction!

Fraser absolutely loved the water. This beach is one of the most sheltered on the island and so there are no big waves, although I don't imagine he would be scared of them if there were any!

Alas, the storm was indeed heading in our direction and as the thunder got louder, heavy raindrops starting falling so we made a quick exit to the car.

It wasn't a bad thing though, as it gave us an excuse to head to the local coffee shop for some milk shakes, hot chocolate and juice.

I'm not under any illusion that July will continue to bring us sunshine, especially having seen next week's weather forecast, but it sure was a lovely way to get the month started.

Gaelic words of the day:

Shen is the shortened version of Seanair (shen-ar) which means Grandad.

Fàilte (faal-che) - welcome

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