Birthday Giveaway

Tuesday 8 September 2015

When I first moved over to the new housefulofboys blog and .com in June, I mentioned that I had a giveaway in the pipeline. But soon afterwards came the long, lazy days of summer and it didn't seem like a good time for organising a giveaway. 

My plan then was to host it about a week after our schools went back, but then with my granny's passing it didn't seem appropriate in the last couple of weeks - it didn't seem right to be posting last week either, which is why I took a week off blogging.

Now, though, routines are fully established again. I've got my family planner all written up to keep on top of the 101 things that need doing most days and I've also got my future blog post ideas all noted down somewhere other than in my increasingly over loaded head!

All of these delays have worked out well though, because as well as celebrating 5 years of blogging at lifeinmyhousefulofboys, it's also my birthday later on this week, so it's a double birthday giveaway.
So, what's being given away?

Well, I've made a yarn wrapped wreath and finished it off simply with a crocheted flower. 

I'm not a fan of fussy and wanted the giveaway to reflect me, so kept the embellishment at one flower, although I did add a little sparkle to the middle because everyone needs a little bit of sparkle!

Entry to the giveaway is simple. Just leave a comment either below, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter saying 'hi' and that you would like to enter the giveaway. Or, if you aren't on social email then drop me an email. You can share the post on social media if you like and it will give you an extra entry, although you can enter without sharing. If you do share, could you please let me know in your comment as I don't always get notifications of shares! The giveaway will close at 6pm (UK time) this Friday, which happens to be my birthday :) I will get the boys to draw a winner after that and post the winner on Friday night.

Oh yes, and you are welcome to enter wherever you are in the world. It's not just for those who are in the UK.

All that's left for me to say is that this giveaway is in no way affliliated with Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and let the birthday celebrations begin!

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  1. I enjoy following your blog and all the things that you get up to as a family. Also any photos that you place I come from Scotland. Your recipes too are invaluable as I am lactose intolerant and cannot tolerate much wheat. I look forward to following your escapades in the future ...and of course have a very happy day on Friday ( I am sure the boys have some treats lined up ) !


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