Birthday Weekend Round-up

Monday, 14 September 2015

On Friday morning I was awoken by some eager boys, excited to give me the birthday presents they had chosen for me a couple of nights earlier when dad had taken them all shopping.

I must say they did a great job of choosing and I received some really lovely gifts, as well as an assortment of hand drawn cards.

One of the presents was the new Bake-Off book.

Later on in the day, just before dinner, there was a delivery of some beautiful flowers and a couple of gifts from my mum and dad.

While I sat flicking through my new book, and the older boys were busy making dinner with dad, the younger boys had a great time playing with the big box my flowers came in!

The birthday table was set by David (9), and my setting was complete with some jewels, party poppers and mini bubbles.

Dinner - made by James (15) and dad - was a very delicious spaghetti bolognese.

Birthday cake, which was gluten & dairy free, was made by Calum (12) and the candles were added by James.

After a relaxed evening on Friday we were out of the door early-ish on Saturday morning for shinty training, which this week also included an end of season bbq and prize-giving. The official shinty season finishes around about the end of September, but the kids' training will continue throughout the winter. Unless the weather is particularly atrocious, that is. A normal amount of wind and rain won't stop them, which is just as well as the weather was decidedly autumnal on Saturday for the bbq!

We had a good spot under a big tree for the bbq, so at least we stayed reasonably dry.

Once the food was eaten and the prizes were given out, there was an exciting match between the adults and children. It was a closely fought battle, with a final score of 5-4 to the adults. 

It was a little chilly for those of us watching, although constantly running after Fraser (1) who kept dashing onto the pitch and trying to join in the game, did keep me warmed up!

Now to finish off the birthday weekend round-up, we had the draw for the yarn wrapped wreath giveaway. Thanks to everyone who entered, and who left birthday messages. Calum and Fraser were given the task of drawing the winner...

Congratulations Danica!

My birthday starts off a run of birthdays in our house. In a few weeks it will be Calum's, followed a few weeks later by Fraser's, which is followed a few weeks later by David's. Then exactly six weeks after his birthday it's Christmas! 

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