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Wednesday 9 September 2015

You might remember that last year James (15) helped me build a few veg boxes and we had really great success growing potatoes, courgettes and some salads.

This year we added another, larger box to the veg corner and added a few other vegetables to the garden.

Despite the summer being far from warm or sunny, my little veggies have done well again.

I've had this post sitting in a drafts folder for a few weeks now so everything is even bigger than this now.

The vegetables I've chosen to grow take the absolute minimal amount of work, just in case anyone thinks it has taken any sort of skill on my behalf to grow them. I've also chosen ones that aren't too fragile and can handle having footballs and shinty balls thrown at them regularly!

I stuck with my old favourites potatoes and courgettes as I had such success with them last year.

There are loads of courgettes!

A new addition this year was peas, which have been another success.

That first box of potatoes has already been eaten.

I also need to sow a bit more spinach as the stuff in those pots above is finished now.

Behind those potatoes, and before the next box of potatoes, are a few rows of red onions, which I'm happy to say are doing fine too. I think they are probably about ready to pick now.

Another new addition this year, which I am far too excited about than I should be, is pumpkin. With having such a cold spring and miserable summer I had my doubts about whether they would grow or not, but just look at it!

It's so satisfying going out to the garden to pick some veggies for dinner.

And it's impossible to get the taste you get from a pea straight from the pod in a shop bought pea. I've been snacking on these as I walk past them in the garden.

I'm still nervous about whether anything will actually come of my pumpkins, but they have grown from this... this in the last couple of weeks, so I'm still hopeful for something orange and pumpkiny by next month. I am resigned to the fact that it won't be anything huge. Maybe next year.

In the far corner of the garden there are a few fruit bushes. Raspberries...

...and redcurrants.

Out of everything, I think these are my most favourite to eat...

..although having said that, you can't beat the taste of a freshly dug up tattie either!

One of the boys is less than keen on all this greenery though. He can often be heard saying, 'don't tell me there are courgettes in this too?!' 

Yes, dear. Plenty of them, and there will be for a few weeks still.

He's also the boy who would love us to have our own island croft one day.
Imagine how many green things I could grow then - if I sheltered them enough from the wind that is!
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  1. I love your garden boxes… they are wonderful. I didn't get much of a garden this year… I did plant a little of this and that here in Colorado and a tiny bit in Florida in pots. The herbs did pretty good in Florida and I miss them here. We had a tad bit of Zucchini (Courgettes) here, that I had planted this Spring, but I was a way for several months, and Steve did try to keep up with it, be isn't as much the gardener of the family. So, we had a little and no more. When I used to plant peas, our adopted children would love to eat them right out of the garden, and I would never get enough for any meals, haha. One year I planted some just for Eddie to snack on so I could harvest mine. :) . I love that your son wants a farm/croft on the Island. It sounds pretty good to me too. Have a great week.


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